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      Investor Relations


      From 1988 , Everest Textile continued to expand the factories and development, and officially went public as a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation on April 1995(Stock number 1460 ). Through continuous technology revolution and development, we get more and more international certifications such as ISO-9002, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

      We continued on proceeding upgrade and transform of enterprise and get more textile technology patent and cooperation of government projects. Also, we aggressively work with our customers and enhance our niche advantages to create the value drivers for all stockholders.

      You can see instant Everest's instant stock price in Oriental Securities Corporation (O.S.C.) Online or find more information in Market observation Post System (M.O.P.S) .

      Financial Report
      Year Title File Size Download
      2012 Half-year Financial Report 1M
      2012 Q1 Financial Report 2M
      2011 Half-year Financial Report 1M
      2011 Financial Report 1M
      2011 Q1-Q3 Financial Report 1M
      2011 Q1 Financial Report 666K
      2010 Financial Report 941K
      2010 Q1-Q3 Financial Report 680K
      2010 Half-year Financial Report 1M
      2010 Q1 Financial Report 873K
      2009 Financial Report 1M
      2009 Q1-Q3 Financial Report 908K
      2009 Half-year Financial Report 1M
      2009 Q1 Finacial Report 879K
      2008 Half-year Financial Report 487K
      2008 Q1 Financial Report 472K
      2008 Financial Report 582K
      2008 Q1~Q3 Financial Report 861K
      2007 Financial Report 580K
      2006 Financial Report 472K
      2005 Financial Report 580K

      Annual Report
      Year Title File Size Download
      2011 Annual Report 6M
      2010 Annual Report 9M
      2009 Annual Report 9M
      2008 Annual Report 7M
      2007 Annual Report 8M
      2006 Annual Report 8M
      2005 Annual Report 839K

      Shareholders' Meeting Minutes
      Year Title File Size Download
      2012 Investor Conference Newsletter 188K
      2011 Investor Conference Minutes 2M
      2010 Investor Conference Newsletter 255K
      2009 Investor Conference Minutes 54K